A Vanguarda de Abrantes: 
Fun Storming the Castle


We were invited to return a second year to the 180 Creative Camp. This time we helped 100 kids storm the castle of Abrantes (Portugal). We held a one day costume and flag making workshop for kids from 6 - 16 years old, inspired by the once colorful history of the now sleepy town.


The ecstatic children formed a vanguard that marched across town in a spectacular parade. The kids created an original song they chanted along with drums they played. And their song sounded through the streets of Abrantes, which brought out all the locals to witness the excitement.


When they arrived at the castle, the vanguard stormed the ancient tower where the first king of Portugal once stood. They installed their flags designed from messages they wished to send out into the world. It was a symbolic passing of the torch from one generation to the next.

Pictures by Miguel Castro Liveira.


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