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Dodo came from the idea of the many things lost due to human actions. The bird is a well-known icon of extinction that highlighted the destructive power of people. We decided to bring the Dodo back to life, both as a reminder of lessons learnt and to transform a destructive force into a creative one. We reimagined the untold story of a single nonconformist dodo, who refused to become extinct. It learnt to fly and escaped from Mauritius Island, and go on to make many wonderful adventures.



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Storm from the East | Tokyo


The Dodo recorded the many tales of its travels and various encounters in a notebook, which it hid in a secret treasure chest. A map of the chest’s secret location was eventually released by us. A person found the chest and inside was the zero issue of dodo magazine. Inside the magazine was a collaboration by over 50 artists all over the world that brought the dodo’s vision to life.

Our collaborators include Jean Jullien, Jun Oson, Hisashi Okawa, Bakea, Olaf Breuning, Alec Doherty, Adam J. Kurtz, Elliot Kruszynski, Zhang Liang, David Méndez Alonso, Bubi Canal, Jan Buchczik, Dan Woodger, and many others.


Selected as one of the top 50 independent magazines in the world by Random House in 2015 - "Print is dead. Long live print"


It started as an artistic project; concerned about the mass consumption on the internet era, we decided to produce just a single copy of a magazine that would be hidden in a chest somewhere in the world, and give the opportunity to one single person to own a real treasure.

But that was not where the story ends, it was just the beginning…

1500 copies of the first issue were printed thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign. and found their way onto news stands and bookstores all over the world. The first issue is a 100 page Halloween special, that included a choose your own adventure story, creative DIY halloween costumes, a guide to the perfect scare.

The second issue of Dodo magazine is all about time, and encouraging people to make the most of it. The issue is divided into two parts, with the first part shipped in 2014, while the second part will not be sent for another ten years. It will be kept in a time capsule along with letters submitted by the readers to their future-selves.


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Dodo Magazine´s issue 3, “Multi” is a celebration of multiplicity. It’s inspired by all crazy things with multiple functions, like the drinking helmet, the Swiss army knife or even people like Inspector Gadget and the one man band. The issue itself was also “Multi” functional for people who preordered the limited edition of the magazine, which doubled up as the ultimate magazine-raincoat.

Dodo Magazine became an independent publication for curious, urban adventurers of any age. A new editorial format that combines adventure and fantasy with unadulterated creativity. Each issue is a collaboration by more than 30 creatives from around the world, and in 2015 was selected as one of the top 50 independent magazines in the world by Random House.


“The perfect fantasy/adventure collection for immature-but-likable adults”


Dodo is about how to live creatively, with a sense of adventure and to dream of a better world. It is for the young and the young at heart; something to be read under the sheets that will transport you to your childhood tree house.


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