The Greatest Shop of Secrets


Abrantes is located in the middle of Portugal, a small depressed town victim to rural exodus. As part of the 180 Creative Camp from Canal180 TV, we had the chance to execute a creative intervention during the annual art festival that takes over the town. In order to help a local business owner Adelaide Mendoça, we transformed her old ceramics shop into "The greatest shop of secrets".


It all started one morning, when the city woke up to walls filled with posters for a secret opening. The next day in the town square we placed a confessional, where the inhabitants could confess their secrets by writing them down on paper and dropping them anonymously in a box. The secrets were then taken to the shop and placed beside every object sold there.


On the day of the opening, Adelaide invited all the curious shoppers inside her brand new shop of secrets: For the purchase of any object the buyer would receive an accompanying secret from their fellow townsfolk. The creative confessional was a success and Adelaide sold the same amount in one day as in two years. With zero budget we helped reinvigorate a struggling small business. The greatest shop of secrets is still there today.


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