Los Superbicis: 
A Battle for Our City

Los Superbicis

The Superbikes is a ‘character design x pimp your bike’ workshop we created for the ‘Festibal con B de bici’ festival in Madrid. We set out to find an engaging concept that could help kids understand and connect with the social and environmental challenges of urban transport.


We identified 4 of the greatest obstacles to overcome, and personified them as ‘Supervillains’ we are battling for our city. We had the pleasure of working with spanish artist Emo Díaz to create these 4 characters.

After being introduced to the benefits and positive impact bicycles have in this ongoing fight, the participants were asked to imagine what superpower they might have to fight our Supervillains. The kids then came up with their own superhero characters and designs to modify their bikes into ‘Superbikes’.

The workshop culminated in a pantomime wrestling event where the age-old conflict between good and evil played out in an epic battle for our city - the kids’ heros on Superbikes vs Supervillains.

Villains created by Emo Díaz.


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