Tiny Huge News:
A news show made by kids for kids


Tiny Huge News is an international media project in the making. A news show made by kids for kids. Where children 8+ learn to produce news stories in their own words based on significant current affairs happening right now.

A news channel for kids from around the world that provides a more balanced, positive and authentic perspective of the most significant issues right now.

Tiny Huge News is about teaching kids media literacy, critical thinking and what news (and fake news) is in today's world. It aims to help kids think deeper about what is happening in the world today, and turn their engagement into creative action with social impact.


Much like a small theatre show, children at our news booth work together to script and retell different news stories in their own words with props and costumes, encouraging storytelling, collaboration and exploration of creative performance.

The first prototype was launched in 2016, over 5 days as part of 798 International Children Art Festival in Beijing. 798 ICAF is China's biggest children's art festival, held annually and based in the celebrated 798 Art District in Beijing.

The project is envisioned as an international collaborative network between China, Germany and eventually other countries in the world, with a focus on bringing the workshop to children in need, and those who have experienced the events of news stories first hand. The produced segments from different places will be collated as a news broadcast that will be shared with kids around the world.



In 2017, Tiny Huge News was part of the cultural program for kids at La Casa Encendida in Madrid October, with an open exhibit for the public and filming workshops for over 90 kids. La Casa Encendida is a renowned social and cultural centre for groundbreaking artistic expressions as well as educational, philosophical activities and debates around the arts, solidarity, environment and education.



The show is the first step of a larger global collaboration for social good by kids. We plan to create a dedicated youtube channel for the show and an online platform for more in-depth exploration and connection to experts on the new stories reported. Tiny Huge News helps kids turn engagement with global issues into action!

With illustrations made by Juan Díaz Faes, Andrea Chronopoulos and animations by Veni.


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